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How It Works

The Publisher

Streamline the issuance of digital academic credentials using The Publisher. Automate, manage, and track the issuance of all documents, and ensure you never lose a document again. Educhain allows schools to provide their students with academic documents quickly, securely, and digitally.

Customize the digital documents with your school’s templates, branding, logo, and colors. Educhain can be hosted on the cloud or on-premise, ensuring that data never leaves your school’s system. Automate the issuance of all documents (multi or single issuance).

The Academic Passport

The Academic Passport allows students of all levels to receive, save and manage their credentials in a user-friendly, and secure, digital wallet. Students can enjoy the freedom to share their achievement with employers, or to social media, via unique links and across multiple platforms.

The Verification Portal

Use the Verification Portal to authenticate digital documents with 100% accuracy. Educhain gives Employers a streamlined method for validating the authenticity of a candidate’s academic credentials. The process is instant, automated, and available 24/7, so employers never need to contact the issuer or wait for a response. Educhain helps eliminate academic fraud and save on expensive screening costs.

Why You Need Educhain

Secure and Tamper-Proof

Blockchain-enabled technology ensures 100% accuracy and authenticity

Easy To Setup

Implementation and support can be remotely provided Begin issuing verifiable digital records within 30 days

Simple To Use

Your staff does not require an IT background to learn how to use the solution

Cloud Solution/ On-Premise Available

Cloud and On-premise options available, ensuring that data never leaves the system and is hosted on your premise

Ongoing Support, maintenance, upgrades and updates

Receive ongoing support, maintenance, updates and upgrades. Onboarding and training of administrative and IT staff included

Customizable for any language

Solution can be customized into any language (English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French and more)

Organizations Using Educhain


Secondary Schools

Accreditation Associations


It's Time To Go Digital

Paper records and legacy systems are outdated and inefficient. Educhain gives you a secure digital platform to manage all aspects of your academic documentation.

Design, create, and issue digital documents in any language, on any blockchain. Enable users to receive, store, and share blockchain records in a digital wallet. Deploy a customized Verification Portal to serve as a gateway for recipients to independently verify blockchain documents.

Issue Documents

Issue documents in any format such as JSON or PDF

Import data from XLS or via APIs

Set expiration dates and document revocation

Cloud or on-premise deployment

Share Documents

Enable users to receive, store, and share blockchain records in a digital wallet.

Securely aggregate and store digital documents

Select a method and documents to share

Share documents through any medium


Deploy a customized Verification Portal to serve as an access point for recipients to independently verify blockchain documents.

Automated verification process, eliminating manual processing

Validation of issuing organization, document integrity

Verification results in seconds

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