Frequently Asked Questions

Educhain is revolutionizing the issuance, authentication and distribution of all digital academic credentials from letters and transcripts to diplomas and degrees., by leveraging blockchain technology.

Institutions can create unique impactful designs that align with their core brand identity. Our easy-to-use certificate designer can modify different features such as colors and logos, customizing every detail to reflect their singular aesthetic stance. For example, each school can use a striking color scheme that easily integrates with their current website.

Our team can quickly implement your customized solution in as soon as 30 days.

Educhain's solution is universally accessible and versatile. It supports any language including English, Arabic, French, Chinese among others.

Educhain is 100% secure and tamper-proof. Powered by Blockchain technology, it uses "digital ledger technology," an unhackable building block that is shared amongst a community that is protected by and automatically verified through complex mathematical algorithms. Each blockchain is decentralized and immutable once uploaded. The very nature of blockchain ensures integrity and thus, eliminates any threat of fraud.

Any academic record that can be digitized. This includes transcripts, certificates, diplomas, degrees, graduation letters, reference confirmation, sponsorship confirmations, letters of support and many more.

The registrar office can seamlessly manage transcripts, and speed up the process by uploading the transcripts in bulk through the Publisher. Simply upload the Excel file and the solution will publish and issue multiple documents in seconds.

Educhain provides the utmost secure protection for your institution and students' sensitive data. Alongside the options of cloud and blockchain digital storage, we also uniquely provide customizable on-premise/facilities storage: nothing ever leaves your site, ensuring absolute adherence to strict regulations and privacy laws.

We offer training as part of our package, but Educhain is so simple and intuitive, individuals with no experience with technology or IT can still learn it easily within a day or two.

There is no limit. Our pricing plan is based on unlimited issuance so you are able to issue an unlimited number of documents.

Educhain's pricing is based on the number of active students. With Educhain, there is no limit to the number of digital documents that the school issues on a yearly basis. To receive your custom pricing based on your institution's size and requirements, please contact our sales team, who will provide you with a custom quote.

Yes, Educhain's software solution can integrate with your school's SIS and LMS systems. Our implementation team will be able to complete this integration for your school so that data is synced seamlessly with Educhain.

Educhain uses Hyperledger, a hub that provides the necessary infrastructure and standards for blockchain ecosystems. It is an open-source collaborative project hosted by The Linux Foundation that leverages blockchain technology for business and provides a high level of confidentiality for business clients as compared to an open-source blockchain like Ethereum.

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