Our Digital Future

The Problem With Paper

Simply put, the current system of keeping and transferring records is broken. Printing, re-printing, mailing, storing, and verifying fragile physical copies of records and documents is inefficient and messy. Paper records are also vulnerable to academic fraud and fakes – an alarming trend that is on the rise. Increasingly, students want credentials they can show off, but that are also easy to share and verify.

Enter Educhain – the platform built to solve this Paper Problem. Digitizing records and documents is one of the easiest ways forward-thinking instutituons can stay ahead of the curve and ditch paper forever.

Why Go Digital?

Improves Credibility

Improve your credibility, or that of your institution, by confidently sharing, issuing, or receiving authenticated digital records.

Enhance Security

Issue, manage, and share verified digital academic credentials using blockchain – a trusted and highly-acclaimed data structure that cannot be manipulated.

Efficiently Share Credentials

Eliminate tedious wait time by sharing your certified documents in seconds, without ever having to contact the issuer, and at any time of day.

Save More, Waste Less

Cut administrative costs by over 83% by going paperless and contribute to a more sustainable future.

There are so many Benefits

For Schools
  • Issue and verify any type of academic records including transcripts, diplomas, letters,certificates and more
  • Automate the issuance of all documents (multi or single issuance)
  • Grow your educational brand
  • Easy to use – no IT skills needed to use the user-friendly solution
For Students and Graduates
  • Gain 24/7 online access to your digital records
  • Receive, save and manage credentials in a digital wallet
  • Share credentials via unique web links, multiple platforms and social media
  • Easily share records for jobs and other opportunities
For Employers and Organizations
  • Employers and other third parties can instantly verify 24/7 any shared records online without having to contact the education provider
  • 100% authenticity. eliminating fraud (easily identify forged transcripts/diplomas)

Solving The Problem With Blockchain

In its simplest form, blockchain is a data structure where information is stored in something called a “block.” Each block includes its own information and a reference to the block that comes before it, forming a “chain.” This same chain of data is replicated amongst many participants, making it nearly impossible to change one block without alerting everyone in the chain to the changes being made. This means that the information is 100% verifiable as it is nearly impossible to alter.

How Does Educhain Use Blockchain?

Secure and Tamper Proof

Blockchain-enabled technology ensures 100% accuracy and authenticity

Easy to Set Up

Implementation and support can be remotely provided. Begin issuing verifiable digital records within 30 days

Simple to Use

Your staff does not require an IT background to learn how to use the solution

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