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The Future is Digital

Institutions worldwide are ditching outdated legacy credentials by harnessing the power of blockchain.

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Why Choose Educhain?

Save Time

Significantly decrease the amount of time required to issue, share or verify academic records. Save up to 89% of your current processing time.

Reduce Administrative Costs

Reduce up to 82% of your school’s processing costs by going paperless and automating your workflow. Educhain integrates seamlessly with your school’s systems.

Enhanced Security

Protect your school’s brand from credential fraud by issuing verifiable digital records.
Educhain leverages blockchain technology to issue digital records, which ensures 100% accuracy.

Simple to Use

Educhain is quick to set up and easy to use. No IT background is required to use the solution.
Start issuing digital academic records as soon as 30 days from now.

Solution Features

The Publisher

Streamline the issuance of digital academic credentials using The Publisher. Automate, manage, and track the issuance of all documents, and ensure you never lose a document again. Educhain allows schools to provide their students with academic documents quickly, securely, and digitally.

Customize the digital documents with your school’s templates, branding, logo, and colors. Educhain can be hosted on the cloud or on-premise, ensuring that data never leaves your school’s system.

The Academic Passport

Allow students of all levels to receive, save and manage their credentials in a user-friendly, and secure, digital wallet. Students can enjoy the freedom to share their achievement with employers, or to social media, via unique links and across multiple platforms.

The Verification Portal

Authenticate digital documents with 100% accuracy. Educhain gives Employers a streamlined method for validating the authenticity of a candidate’s academic credentials. The process is instant, automated, and available 24/7, so employers never need to contact the issuer or wait for a response. Educhain helps eliminate academic fraud and save on expensive screening costs.

Integrates with

  • DigiLocker
  • Open Badges
  • Ellucian
  • Blackboard

Learn How Top Schools Use Educhain

Over 10,000 active students and all alumni can request and access digital records via student e-services

Over 75,000 students and alumni were provided the UAEU Academic Passport for any available records from the Registrar’s Office

Integrated with student eServices, alumni portal, and payment processing for instantaneous, on-demand record issuance

Going Digital is Easy!

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    Our experts help you choose the solution that fits your exact needs. Choose between on-premise and cloud solution, and our team will customize the designs to fit your school's branding.

  • 3   Set up and launch

    Go digital & start issuing verifiable digital records. Most schools are up and running within 30 days!

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