Issue and authenticate official credentials, digitally.

Your Bridge to Digital

Securely issue

Issue official digital academic credentials - cryptographically signed, backed by the permanence of blockchain, without reliance on third parties.

Freely share

Eliminate the burden of carrying out processes such as transcript requests by enabling students to freely share their official credentials directly with recipients.

Easily authenticate

Decentralize the hassle of verifying authenticity of documents by allowing recipients to easily verify credentials through an entirely automated system.

Today’s infrastructure

Academic institutions currently carry the costly responsibility of ensuring the validity and verifiability of issued credentials, such as transcripts and diplomas. Paper-based practices are slow, require significant processing costs, and are open to fraud. Enrolment and credential verification is also often outsourced to vendors which are costly and inefficient.

Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?

Tomorrow’s infrastructure

By leveraging blockchain technology as a notary, institutions can issue official digital credentials with a permanence that does not rely on any centralized party. EduChain brings control over records into the hands of the registrar and control over who views academic records into the hands of the student, while streamlining the process for recipients.

Credentialing made simple


Issued credentials are cryptographically signed and distributed amongst the network, entirely tamper-proof.


Individuals are able to directly share digital records of their awards and achievements, without relying on registrars.


The EduChain platform is extremely flexible, and is portable to any document, record, or credential.


EduChain is interoperable with existing systems, and in its simplicity requires no cost to deploy, test, or run.


While the entire network is able to authenticate documents, institutions may control gateways to charge fees.


With a cryptographically secure, tamper-proof platform, individuals can manage their digital credentials for the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time and money can this save me?

How long does it take to process a transcript and how much does it cost? It's that amount. You'll go from fulfilling requests to not. Everything is automated and instant.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain can be thought of as a distributed database shared amongst a group of participants who work together to maintain the network, mutualizing costs and providing one shared version of records.

Do I have to trust a third party with my data?

No. EduChain actually eliminates redundant third parties. The platform does not store or transfer any personal data, only "fingerprints" representing original credentials.

Who owns the blockchain?

Nobody and everybody. No one entity can exert control over the distributed network. Participants work together through reaching consensus.

What about Security?

Blockchain technology is cryptographically secure and resilient to failure of one or more participants in the network - it is more secure and reliable than existing solutions and grows more so through the network effect.

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