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How can blockchain change the way we issue, manage and share academic achievements? Learn more about how Educhain is implementing blockchain technology with academic institutions to power the first comprehensive digital passport of learner achievement, as CNN visits the University of Dubai.

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Securely issue digital documents

Educhain enables institutions to independently issue secure digital records and documents - cryptographically signed and attested, backed by the permanence of blockchain, without reliance on third parties. The burden of processing document requests is eliminated, cutting processing time from days to seconds.


Freely share and easily authenticate

Users can freely share digital documents and records with recipients, who can easily validate the authenticity of documents through an automated system. What previously took days or weeks for verification, now takes seconds.


Credentialing made simple


Issued credentials are cryptographically signed and distributed, entirely tamper-proof.


Individuals and institutions are able to directly share digital documents and records.


The EduChain platform is extremely flexible, and portable to any document, record, or credential.


Educhain is interoperable with existing systems, and straightforward to deploy, test, and run.


Processes can be automated E2E from request to issuance, cutting processing costs by up to 90%.


Safely manage digital credentials on a cryptographically secure, tamper-proof platform.

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