Issue verifiable digital records

Educhain enables secure issuance, sharing, and verification of
blockchain-enabled records.

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Recent successes

UAE University launches blockchain applications for over 75,000 students and alumni

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CNN visits the University of Dubai to learn more about blockchain in education.

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K-12 schools become the first in the world to become blockchain-enabled.

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Advancing cutting-edge blockchain applications for document management

Educhain provides enterprise software tools for designing, issuing, and managing blockchain-enabled digital documents.


Leverage blockchain tools to issue secure digital records that are tamper-proof and independently verifiable.

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Advance digital transformation to streamline services while reducing processing time and costs.

Educhain and the Smart Dubai Office release Blockchain Report

Educhain, together with the Smart Dubai Office of the Government of Dubai and in partnership with the Dubai Blockchain Center, are proud to release an executive report on how to navigate blockchain project implementation.
The report provides actionable insights, best practices, and recommendations for implementing successful projects.
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